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The game is about a Demon who likes to kill people. In fact, he likes it so much that after he kills someone and they are re-spawned as zombies in The Other World, he kills them again. 

Controls :

Movement - WASD

Aim - Mouse

Shoot - LMB

Demon Vision - space bar (press and hold)

Level up menu - Tab

Pause - Esc

Instructions and tips! 

Enemies spawned in waves, a new wave starts in 5 seconds after the last one been completed.  

It's is simple - you kill humans, they turn into zombies, but you can see them since they are in another dimension (duh..).. but they can see your soul in there.  So you activate Demon Vision. With vision active, you will have an overlay of the other world with zombies and when you shoot your projectiles are in the other dimension also. 

You see how many enemies are left on the top right menu. 

Fair working - if zombies are around - check surroundings often, they are fast and deadly in large quantities! 

Zombies have melee attack only so keep the distance! 



Demon art: https://www.deviantart.com/7soul1/art/Spaceship-Game-Sprites-385923888 
Level graphics:  https://kenney.nl/assets
Music: https://soundimage.org/action/

Software used:

FX created in BFXR & Audacity 

Sprites and animations are made in Aseprite and Pixel FX Designer


TheOtherSide.zip 39 MB

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